What:  KJOI, K-JOI – Your All Time Favorites!

Where: 104.3FM in Biola, CA and surrounding communities—On the web at kjoi.org—On TV Channel 16.1  Our broadcasting facilities are located in Biola, CA with studios in Fresno, CA.

When: The station launched February 19, 2015.

Who: Western Educational Alliance Inc. – A Non Profit Organization – A fully accredited 501 C(3).

Why:  To provide everyone throughout Central California and the World with the ALL TIME FAVORITES that bring back great memories!

 The new, low-power KJOI 104.3 FM station is the fulfillment of a longtime dream for Fresno broadcaster Jim Zahn.

There’s been a gap in the listening demographics going unserved by radio in the Fresno, California market.  Anyone whose musical tastes like Frank Sinatra, Barbra Streisand, Johnny Mathis, Neil Diamond and Andy Williams can how turn to KJOI for those classic and timeless songs.

About 10-years ago KJWL 99.3 FM in Fresno switched formats from the older classics known as adult standards to adult contemporary with a younger target demographic creating an opportunity for Zahn. 

A few things had to happen for Zahn to take KJOI from a concept to a reality. The 75-year old San Joaquin Memorial High School alumnus has had ties to Fresno his entire life. After a career with Pacific Bell; Zahn returned to Fresno from San Francisco to work with his longtime friend and grammar school mate Gary Cocola. “I’ve known Gary since the third grade,” said Zahn. “We went to school together at St. Theresa’s. We were both fascinated by radio.”

Cocola and Zahn started local, full powered television station KMSG Channel 59 in 1985. Since then Zahn has worked with Cocola adding several Networks to the Fresno TV market starting with the Home Shopping Network and The Box. In 1996 an opportunity to develop Non-Commercial Channel 62 for West Hills College in Coalinga presented itself. Zahn formed the Western Educational Alliance, Inc. as a nonprofit 501C3 to administer the educational station for the college. Unfortunately about that time the Federal Communication Commission dealt a death blow to high channel UHF television when it mandated all stations go digital and channels 52 to 69 were taken away by the FCC. However Zahn maintained WEA’s status and it is still a viable nonprofit.

On occasion the FCC grants the opportunity for new stations. Zahn has kept abreast of the often technical and complicated manner in which on-air frequencies are allocated in the San Joaquin Valley. In 2014 Zahn saw his chance. The FCC opened the window for a non-commercial, low-powered FM station in the Fresno area. The FCC grants licenses to applicants on a competitive basis. The combination of Zahn’s experience and the willingness of the Western Educational Alliance to administer the station as a non-commercial, nonprofit won the day.

KJOI transmits from a tower in Biola, the sleepy little farming town west of Fresno, not the college in Los Angeles. Low power is a prime example of truth in advertising. KJOI’s over-the-air range ends at about 12-miles from its tower. It is true the average age of a raisin grower is solidly within the demographic KJOI is targeting and Biola is surrounded by raisin vineyards. They will be well served by the station. However, thanks to technology millions of other potential listeners can receive KJOI’s signal.

The commercial free programming and the occasional public service announcement can be streamed by the Internet via the station’s web site at www.kjoi.org and received via apps for Apple and Android smart phones. Listeners can also receive the audio signal through their television sets. As a donation to WEA; Cocola Broadcasting will rebroadcast the audio over the air on digital television station KHSC 16.1 for the Fresno market. In addition KJOI’s studio is located at the Cocola Broadcasting headquarters in north Fresno.

KJOI is a listener supported radio station sponsored by donations from members of the K-JOI family.  Become a member today by clicking on the DONATE button on the homepage.

It is hoped these contributions will help keep the station on the air.

Photos: Jim Zahn, President WEA and General Manager in KJOI’s studios; KJOI’s transmission tower.


Jim Zahn, President of Western Educational Alliance in the KJOI-FM Control room.

Jim Zahn, President of Western Educational Alliance in the KJOI-FM Control room.

KJOI-FM Transmission tower in Biola California.

KJOI-FM Transmission tower in Biola California.